ClickStones Prepares a Big Project for Small and Medium Enterprises

01/12/2019    Clickstones Team
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The portal is today, the first online fair of the Sector of Ornamental Stones of Brazil, where are registered the Companies and professionals of the segment of almost all continents. This is an initiative that aims to integrate, direct, promote and give greater visibility to small and medium-sized companies in the sector, facilitating business and bringing interests closer.
From 2020, ClickStones will be innovating once again, now with a super project for a limited number of Companies in its first version. We are talking about the ClickStones Top Media Project, which will surely be an excellent tool for publicizing and promoting business in the Segment, not only in Brazil but around the world.
This project will provide various channels for publicizing and exhibiting, as well as meetings, lectures, training and a set of media with a Distinguished Award for Companies that operate directly or indirectly in the Segment each year.
Today for more news about this Project, we recommend registering on our portal at so that you receive all the information as it is released. Registration is completely free.