Curiosities about Granite and Marble and their Extraction in Brazil

01/12/2019    Clickstones Team
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Our country is one of the main granite producers and is ranked among the largest exporters on the planet. In Brazil granite is produced in several states and, according to the region from which it is extracted, granite varies in tone and appearance.
Thus, we have for example: The Bahian granite that are beautiful rocks of a deep blue tone (Bahia-Blue); In Minas Gerais we have the granite in lilac tone (Lilac-Gerais), in the state of São Paulo, we have the green granites (ubatuba green).
To know the difference between marble and granite is simple: granite is a very hard mineral and much stronger than marble. This is because it is basically composed of three minerals; mica, feldspar and quartz. While marble is formed by a mineral and calcite. In addition, granite is much less porous than marble and does not have as many veins. Granite is also more mixed and has black spots in its coloring, while marble has a more uniform color.
A very easy way to know if a particular rock is marble or granite is to scratch its surface: marble will scratch, since the granite, due to its great strength, cannot be scratched.