Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the crown icon found in some products or services?

The golden crown icon means that this product or service is from a Gold Plan Advertiser. The silver crown figure means that this product or service is from a Silver Plan Advertiser. 

How do I delete my purchase request?

Just log in to the Portal and check the box"Attended" for that purchase request. Within 30 calendar days, your post will be automatically deleted from the Portal. If you want the actual deletion of your post before the time of its automatic deletion you should send an email to requesting us to delete your post. You also have the possibility to disable your post, to do so access your logged in area, select the ad and click the "disable" button.

What is the purpose of the page "Purchase Requests" ?

This page has the purpose of helping any individual or legal entity that wishes to publish their need of a specific product or services from the segment of ornamental stones. To do so, simply click on the link located at the top of the Portal where it says "Purchase Requests ", fill in the requested fields and you can even send a photo of the product you want. With your login and password you can log in and post your purchase request.

What kind of content will I receive if I register to receive the newsletter?

You will receive content related to the ornamental stone sector that ClickStones believes to be helpful for its advertisers and other registered users, such as technical articles, changes in the Portal, news in the industry, promotions, etc.

Where do I advertise a product or service that does not fit into any category existing in the Portal?

If you have questions about the category in which your product should be classified, please send an email to

How can I make a complaint, compliment or suggestion?

To register any kind of complaints, compliments or suggestions simply send an email to or click on the "Contact" link at the top of the Portal, and send us your  message.

Are the prices of the products and services shown on the Portal up to date?

Any value defined for the products or services shown on the Portal is posted directly by its respective advertiser, and it is solely the responsibility of the advertiser to keep it updated for any negotiations.

Why are there some products or services with no specifc price?

The visibility of the value of the advertised product or service is defined by each advertiser. In the case where he preferred not to specify the price of a product in the Portal, the value will be shown with the inscription "price on request". To know your real value you should contact the advertiser.

Is ClickStones involved in business negotiations between buyers and sellers?

No, according to the Terms of Use, ClickStones does not charge any fee or commission, and does not participate directly or indirectly in negotiations between buyers and sellers.  Both parties shall treat the matter in any way they wish.

How do I contact an advertiser?

Just select the desired product or service that is being advertised in the Portal and click on the picture. You will see the details of that product or service, and you can click on tthe button"Talk to the advertiser" located  in the lower right corner of the page and wirte your message so the advertiser can get in contact with you. You can also call or email the seller.

Can I downgrade my plan?

No. If you wish to downgrade, you must cancel your current Plan and make a new enrollment in the Plan you want.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes, you can upgrade your Plan at any time by simply entering your login area and clicking the Upgrade link at the top of the page. The amount of the period not yet used will be automatically deducted from the value of the new Plan chosen. The new Plan will be effective for one year from the confirmation date of your payment.

Is there a privacy policy that protects my information and data?

Yes, ClickStones has a Privacy Policy (see link in the footer of the Portal) that protects you from any intentional manipulation of data leaks or commercialization. Our Policy is also in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR adopted by the European Union.

After the cancelling my plan, am I entitled to compensation for the remaining period?

Yes. ClickStones, will hold, according to the Term of Use contained in the Portal, a fine of 20% of the remaining period of the contract. The difference will be refunded as agreed between the parties. The amount paid will only be refunded if the cancellation is made within 7 calendar days after its purchase.

Can I cancel my plan at any time?

Just send an email to requesting its cancellation. The same will be provided within 24 hours after receiving the email. After the cancellation, your page and all your posts will be deleted. You can also access your profile and click the button to delete your data. After confirmation, your data will be erased and all your posts will be deleted from the Platform.

How do I renew my contract after it expires?

You will receive an email letting you know your contract will be expiring in a month. You can access the portal at any time and re-enroll in the plan of your choice. You will not need to re-enter cadastral data unless you want to change them.

How long does my contract last?

The validity period is 01 year from the date of its confirmation. This is informed in the Portal Term of Use 

Are all ads free?

Yes. For buying or exchanging ads there are no limits of posts that can be made. For selling ads, there is a  limit of four posts. In case you would like to advertise more than four products you will have to become a Silver o Gold member.

Do I need to register more than once?

No. If the advertiser has products that fall into more than one category you can advertise them in the respective categories without the need for a new registration. The same advertiser can create selling, buying and exchanging posts.

Who can register?

Any individual or legal entity interested in advertising their products on the website or post buying and exchanging requests. All of the content posted on the portal must be related to the segment of natural stones.