The Company

We are a company that works to  make life easier for of all those who are involved in the natural Stone Market. To do this, we have created a specially designed platform so that everyone can connect in a centralized network to search and advertise their products and services. We are a powerful tool to streamline your business in one click.

We take great care of all our customers, and this is just the beginning! ClickStones does not stop growing. We are already working in other countries with the goal to create a bridge for all those that work with Natural Stones.


Facilitate the search and relationship between customers and suppliers.


Encourage and motivate relations of purchase and sale of products and services for the segment of ornamental stones worldwide, ensuring the satisfaction of our clients with a dynamic and current policy of quality and relationship.



We are transparent and honest in our actions and policies.


We help our employees, customers and suppliers to always be looking for new ways to make this market better.


We believe in people more than in things and circumstances.


We know that through God all things are possible.

Our team

The diversity of professionals experiences makes ClickStones a plural brand, always seeking to exchange ideals and expand possibilities.
Francisco Azevedo
Especialista em vendas, desenvolvimento, gerenciamento de produtos digitais e performance.
Lucas França
Executivo de relacionamentos internacionais naturalizado americano, é focado no mercado Americano, Europeu e Asiático.
Cláudio Galvão
Executivo com experiência no mercado de ERP`s, voltado para processos de manufatura industrial.
Alessandro Sales
Programador fullstack, atua em várias partes da plataforma (back-end, front-end, banco de dados e App).